Wilderness Courses

Wilderness courses are rapidly becoming a popular way to learn more about different survival tactics for camping, hunting, hiking, biking, and more. Whether you’re pursuing an outdoor activity or you just want to commune with nature, wilderness courses are the perfect solution for you. Here are a few ways a course such as this can benefit you.

Wilderness courses do more than just allow you to become acquainted with the act of interacting with nature. It also teaches you the value of being prepared and anticipating any number of emergencies. Once your course is finished, you’ll be able to better appreciate the wonders of nature with the knowledge that you know what to do should a mishap occur.

For example, a common scenario that many wilderness courses cover includes what to do should you run out of food. In an ideal situation, you’ll have already packed extra provisions that you can stretch out over a long period of time. These can range from simple snacks, such as granola, beef jerky, dried fruit, and mixed nuts, to freeze dried or dehydrated meals. Ideally, your food kits should be extensive enough to be able to provide you with enough to live on, but not packed so thoroughly that they’re too bulky or heavy. Canned foods and vacuumed sealed meals are other lightweight alternatives to this.

Another skill that some wilderness courses teach is how to forage for food. This can be quite a useful talent to have, especially if you’re tired of living off of your provisions. Foraging provides you with fresh, healthy food that does wonders for supplementing any meal. Along with teaching you how to find edible substances in abundance, quality wilderness courses will also show you the basics of identifying potentially poisonous or otherwise harmful plants, shrubs, and fungus.

Wilderness courses will also teach you a few tricks to keep in mind should you or a partner become injured. Along with basic first aid, a good class should also teach you what to pack in a quality first aid kit. While there are many assembled kits available, it’s still a good idea to customize it with your own specific requirements as well. This includes adding essentials such as extra medication, supplements, stabilizers, and more. Wilderness courses should also provide a crash course in how to use many of the devices and other supplies equipped in many first aid kits, such as wound irrigation systems, fish hook removers, bone splits, and others. Learn more about how wilderness courses can benefit you!

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