Survival Training

Are you interested in learning more about survival training? A big part of educating yourself on these matters isn’t just learning different survival skills, such as tracking, hunting, or foraging. A significant part of this training also includes learning what essentials to bring with you. Here are a few things to consider when planning your next trip.

Almost everyone has been asked the rhetorical question consisting of what they would do were they to find themselves in a plane crash with a limited amount of supplies. With the right survival training, you can find yourself at quite an advantage with a few essential supplies. Ideally, these kits should take up as little space as possible while still providing you with everything you could possibly need.

A first aid kit, for example is considered one of the most important aspects of survival training. Whether you’re planning a short camping trip or a lengthy hiking expedition, one of the most crucial parts of survival training includes learning how to pack and use your first aid kit. Some basic ones are packed with items such as gauze, bandages, anti-itch creams, bug spray, antibiotic creams, and others. However, for lengthier trips, you may need something a bit more robust. Some common supplies used in larger kits include wound irrigation systems, vitamin supplements, stitching equipment, rash creams, tourniquets, and more. Learning how to use this equipment can mean the difference between a serious injury and a minor one.

Finding enough food is another important survival training lesson. Should you find yourself low on preserves, be sure to keep a field guide with you to identify different berries, mushrooms, and greens. This will not only help you find more, but it will also prevent you from eating anything dangerous. Other things to include in your food supply kit include freeze dried, dehydrated, or canned foods. These are healthy, hearty meals that have a naturally long shelf life, which can be quite useful indeed if you find yourself in the wilderness for weeks or more.

Finally, there are always a few essential items for survival training. These can help you find civilization as well as alert authorities to your location should you find yourself lost in the forest. These include compasses, battery powered radios, GPS receivers, flashlights, and emergency flares. Be sure to also include fresh batteries as well. Learn more today about what you need for survival training!

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