Survival Supplies

If you’ve ever wondered what survival supplies to include on your camping trip, biking excursion, hunting trip, or hike, you’ll rapidly find that opinions vary. Inexperienced packers will often end up packing either too much or not enough. Here are some tips to consider when gathering your own survival supplies.

The key to the perfect survival pack is to stick with the essentials. There are many kits out there that come in travel friendly containers, allowing you to save space while still packing everything you need. The essentials include first aid supplies, extra food and water, and navigation and communication equipment.

The first aid kit is without a doubt the most essential of your survival supplies. No matter how much you play it safe, there’s always a chance that you or your traveling companion may end up with a sprained ankle, a nasty burn, or a painful gash that needs immediate treatment. First aid kits typically vary in size. The most basic includes a simple assortment of bandages, wet wipes, and disinfectant, while the more intricate varieties include everything from bone splints to wound irrigation systems. While these aren’t meant to be a replacement for actual help, they can do wonders for keeping the victim stabilized. If you have any other medications for allergies, deficiencies, or other medical conditions, be sure to include extra doses in your kit as well.

Another crucial part of your survival supplies includes extra packets of food. These can be freeze dried, dehydrated, or vacuum sealed. Canned foods are also ideal. These survival supplies are specially designed to provide you with the energy you need while still leaving you with enough space to include your other supplies. If you plan on foraging, be sure to use a field guide to prevent yourself from accidentally ingesting anything poisonous.

Finally, any seasoned hiker, hunter, or camper always includes navigational and communication tools at their disposal. These survival supplies include flash lights, battery powered radios, pay per use cell phones, emergency flares, and others. GPS receivers are also great for alerting authorities to your location should an emergency occur.

These are only a few survival supplies to consider. While most outdoor excursions are meant to be fun, fulfilling experiences, there’s always the chance of a disaster occurring. Don’t be caught unprepared. Learn more about different survival supplies today and see how useful they are for benefiting you! Act now!

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