Outdoor Survival Guide

Whether you’re new to living in the wilderness or you’re a seasoned survivalist who is navigating an unfamiliar area, having an outdoor survival guide is a must for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. It’s hardly the mark of a lazy hiker or hunter who has such a guide. Here are a few ways one can benefit you.

An outdoor survival guide can cover a variety of useful subjects that you wouldn’t learn otherwise. For example, many guides can tell you a wealth of information about the climate and type of forest you’re in. This can be very useful when it comes to going out on species specific expeditions, such as hunting or bird watching, where finding a certain type of animal is crucial. Not only will you learn the everyday habits of the animal you’re looking for, but you’ll also know which weather and time of day is the best for spotting it. That aside, an outdoor survival guide can also clue you in on various animal signs, such as tracks, scat, and territory signs.

Whether you’re planning on camping for a lengthy period in an unfamiliar forest or you’re just foraging for the first time, an outdoor survival guide is great for learning which foods are best for you. Along with helping you to identify various nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and plants, you’ll also learn how to prepare them. Not only does a guide like this keep you from accidentally harvesting poisonous substances, but it can also help you find medicinal ones too.

Along with helping you forage for natural foods, a good outdoor survival guide can also recommend various foodstuffs to bring with you. These include everything from canned vegetables to dehydrated or freeze dried meals. In the long run, it all depends how much you’re willing to carry.

If you’re uneasy about first aid, an outdoor survival guide can help provide you with a few basic techniques. While it’s no substitute for taking a first aid class, it can nevertheless provide you with a few tips and pointers when it comes to minor troubles, such as treating mild sunburns or itchy rashes. It can also inform you of the variety of first aid kits there are on the market today and which one can benefit you.

These are only a few ways an outdoor survival guide can help make your stay in the wilderness a pleasant one. One of the biggest rules of outdoor survival, after all, is always to be prepared. With a quality survival guide, you don’t ever have to be worried about being caught unaware. Learn more today!

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