Camping Survival

Are you interested in getting outdoors more often? Whether you plan on camping for only a few days or you’d rather plan something a bit lengthier, knowing the basics of camping survival is a must for anyone planning a trip in the wild. Here are a few things to consider bringing with you when planning a camping trip.

One of the biggest aspects of camping survival is being prepared. This is why having the right supplies with you can do wonders for preventing the worst. These typically include items such as a first aid kit, extra food and water kits, and other supplies. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep these essentials with you without you having to pack overmuch, especially as many of these items are designed to save space.

The first aid kit would have to be one of the biggest parts of camping survival available. Keep in mind, however, that these should be used to keep the victim stabilized; except in instances of minor injuries, it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for genuine help. Most first aid kits include gauze, bandages, antibiotics, burn cream, sun lotion, and disinfectant. Larger kits may include everything from rash cream to wound irrigation systems. If you have a certain medication you must take daily, such as an inhaler, insulin shots, or allergy pills, it’s a good idea to include extra doses of these in the event of an emergency.

Food is another important issue when it comes to camping survival. After all, there is always the chance that your typical stores of dried fruit, granola, and jerky will run out or simply won’t suffice in the long run. Food kits typically include canned food, dehydrated food, and freeze dried meals. Vitamin kits are also included in the event that you’re stuck in the wilderness for an incredibly lengthy amount of time and can’t get the nutrients you need from what food you have. Another important item to have includes a field guide to gathering nuts, berries, mushrooms, plants, and other fresher foods that you might find in the wild around you. This not only prevents you from eating the wrong thing, but it also gives tips on where to find it and how to prepare it.

Of course, there is always the chance that your camping survival skills will be put to the ultimate test. In the event that you are lost in the wilderness, it pays to have a few items on hand that may help any search parties discover you. Some basics include compasses, battery powered radios, flashlights, and flares. There are also a variety of GPS devices that allow authorities to pinpoint you via satellite. Learn more about camping survival skills today!

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